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Drabble Meme [27 Apr 2010|01:46pm]
Well, I like drabbles, and I like writing even though I don't post it often (read: ever), so I ganked this one from karaokegal and also from niznj (because I am slightly greedy and love drabbles; does that mean I should open 20 slots instead of 10?) so that I'd have to actually write and post some stuff.

So. The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I'll give it a go as long as I know the characters (and I'm totally a fandom whore), so have at.
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!!! NIN!!! [03 Nov 2008|12:40am]
OMG squee!!!  I won tickets on the radio for the Nine Inch Nails concert on Wednesday in Charlottesville!
Sarah and I are going to go, and it's going to be the Best Thing Ever.  *is super-excited*
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It's my birthday! [29 Oct 2008|02:12am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

*sings* Birthday, birthday, birthday!!! It's my birthday! It has been for two hours or so now, and I love birthdays!!! *dance dance dance*

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Okay. Emo moment is over. On to more fun things. [26 Sep 2008|02:02am]
[ mood | creative ]

If you're a fandom type, or even if you're not, go check out Sweet Charity.

To quote from the FAQ:
This is a charity auction, selling the (wicked mad) fannish skillz of Charity Hos for cold hard donations. You can buy, okay rent, the talents of vidders, writers, artists, costumer, jewelers, baker and wow so much more and they will create goodies just for you, to your specs.

I'm going to be putting up cookies, homebaked bread, and a plushie (and maybe more, if I think I can handle it), and the Demon Fart Cabbage group may be adding a print or two.

It runs twice a year, in March and September.  For this run, sign ups for selling are open until September 28, and bidding is from September 29 - October 4.

EDIT:  I totally forgot to say which charity it's for.  This September auction is for Invisible Children, a charity that is dedicated to helping victims of the war in Uganda.  It is aimed at stopping the war, as well as providing aid, education, and leadership skills to the new generation of Ugandans.

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I'm so sick of this shit. [19 Sep 2008|12:02am]
[ mood | distressed ]

I'm really sick of being only around Cat and Sarah.  It's not like I don't like them, I do, but I really need to hang out with other people too.

I don't like feeling responsible and depressed and 'Oh shit they're the only people I know anymore, what would I do if they break up' EVERY time they fight.  It doesn't help that I then begin to feel guilty about being worried about myself when they're the ones that are fighting.  I try to be supportive, and will continue to be so, but I need to be around other people as well, because it feels like my world would be over too if they broke up, and that's not okay.

So anyway.  The point of this post is to say, we're back in Richmond.  And if you know me and you're in Richmond too, call me (804-937-9096).  Or post a comment here or email me (ganfrion@aol.com) or whatever.  I know this sounds all stupid and needy and shit, but anyone that wants to hang out, I could really really use that.  I just don't really know who I know that's still around, since I've been out of touch for so long.

Yeah, thanks all for reading my emo issues moment.  Good night.


EDIT: I'll be working til 2PM until Sunday, and if you call me at any time, please leave a message, yeah?

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[25 Feb 2008|05:45pm]
I Am A: Chaotic Neutral Human Rogue (4th Level)

Ability Scores:







Chaotic Neutral A chaotic neutral character follows his whims. He is an individualist first and last. He values his own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. He avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his behavior is not totally random. He is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it. Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal. However, chaotic neutral can be a dangerous alignment because it seeks to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Rogues have little in common with each other. While some - maybe even the majority - are stealthy thieves, many serve as scouts, spies, investigators, diplomats, and simple thugs. Rogues are versatile, adaptable, and skilled at getting what others don't want them to get. While not equal to a fighter in combat, a rogue knows how to hit where it hurts, and a sneak attack can dish out a lot of damage. Rogues also seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to avoiding danger. Experienced rogues develop nearly magical powers and skills as they master the arts of stealth, evasion, and sneak attacks. In addition, while not capable of casting spells on their own, a rogue can sometimes 'fake it' well enough to cast spells from scrolls, activate wands, and use just about any other magic item.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

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[21 Jul 2007|08:28pm]
...I feel like a bad person for it, but I'm not overly impressed with Deathly Hallows. *sigh* I mean, it wasn't exactly bad, but there are some plot holes.
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Yay meme, I like memes [13 May 2007|03:47am]

I am the descort, and thwart, and long
for discordant, mordant chaos;
See the pretty dissolution,
See the ditty pattern briefly then
Dissolve away
Into a
Mode of messy disagreeable
(but me-able)
Affray, with lovely spite and hating,
Fights and hurting,
Never abating.
(Quite contrary me.)
What Poetry Form Are You?


I'm the lai, with no sort
Of grave, solemn thought,
And I
Will never be caught
By miseries sought,
Nor sigh;
Where battles are fought
Or arguments brought,
I fly.
What Poetry Form Are You?

(It's apparently exactly the same thing as a descort, only not focused on disagreement)
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I won stuff on the radio yay [07 May 2007|12:12am]
I won stuff. Yeah. I like winning things.

Okay, included in that is admission for 2 to The Dawning's The Dawning's Eighties Night next Saturday (May 12). Anyone wanna go with me? It sounds like fun...
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Yay stuff! [07 Apr 2007|02:37am]
Best toaster EVER!

Wow. If I could figure out how to order this, it would so be mine. (Well, when I managed to save up for it, cuz I'm sure that the shipping'd be a bitch.)

This too, although it's not QUITE as cool as the toaster...

Oh, and look at the new icon I picked up from coell_icons. I can't stop staring at it, it's hypnotic...
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OMGtehbullshit [02 Apr 2007|01:40am]
Wow... Christians really can use the Bible to justify just about anything, can't they...

Fisting as an Act of Faith

Okay, keep in mind, I have nothing at all against such things, but I do find it amusing to see it justified with Scripture. The one about threesomes is funny too (it's okay, as long as it's a man and two women, cuz otherwise someone might think he's GAY, yanno).
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Free Emergency Contraception [26 Feb 2007|08:54pm]
In honor of Back Up Your Birth Control month, the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood will be offering 1 FREE pack of Emergency Contraception per person on Wednesday, March 21, 2007, from 9:00 am-7:30 pm at our health center in Richmond.

Why should you get a FREE pack of EC?
-Emergency Contraception is a safe and effective way to prevent unintended pregnancy in cases of contraceptive failure and sexual assault.
-Emergency Contraception can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected sex, but the earlier, the better. EC can reduce the risk of pregnancy by 75%.
-EC can only be effective if women are informed and have prompt access to it.
-Even with all the highly effective contraceptives to choose from today, none provides 100% protection. And sometimes, mistakes happen-a condom breaks, a diaphragm slips, a woman forgets to take her pill. Or she has sex when didn't plan to-or want to.
-EC does NOT affect an established pregnancy.
-Every woman should have a pack of EC in her medicine cabinet-JUST IN CASE.

Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Location: The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood (3415 Floyd Avenue)
Time: 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
Who: Anyone who wants to obtain one free pack of EC. Women and men 18 and older can receive EC without a prescription (please bring ID with proof of age). Women under the age of 18 will need to have a prescription. We can provide a prescription plus Free EC on March 21. Limit one per person.
Why: Because every woman deserves a second chance to protect herself against unintended pregnancy.

So yeah. If you're in Richmond, and you have hetsex, go get one. Cuz everybody fucks up sometimes.
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[22 Feb 2007|02:55pm]
Anyone want to go to a Cruxshadows concert? They're playing in Charlottesville this Sunday (Feb. 25th) at the Outback Lodge. Show starts at 10PM, and is $6.
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[21 Feb 2007|01:47pm]
I would just like to say, the whole NIN Year Zero thing, it's really scary, yo. I mean, yeah it's made up by Trent Reznor, but I can so see something similar happening for real, with the parepin and theocracy.
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[15 Feb 2007|03:26pm]
>^_^< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Con!!!! In LESS THAN 24 HOURS! In fact, people will be here in less than 10 hours... I'm so excited!!! I've been having that wierd fluttery happy-nervous feeling all day.
Happy, cuz CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nervous cuz 1: there's some people coming that I've never met, and that's always nervous-making, and 2: I've not cleaned house or packed or even figured out what I'm bringing AT ALL, so I've gotta do all of that, along with washing hair and washing clothes and picking up stuff from Diedre's mom and (I think, anyway) finding Jess tonight, by like midnight. That sounds like a lot of time, seeing as I'm leaving work between 5 and 6 today, but then, I have a LOT of cleaning to do! Cuz otherwise there's no way people can fit in my house tonight...
Still, CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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>^_^< Meme! [08 Feb 2007|11:15pm]
Leave a comment and I will...
1) Tell you why I friended you
2) Associate you with a song/movie
3) Tell a random fact about you
4) Tell a first memory about you
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7) Show you my favorite user pic of yours
8) In response, you MUST spread this disease in your LJ.
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[08 Feb 2007|04:01pm]
I'm getting off early tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 9), at 2:00. Anyone wanna hang out or anything?
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Snarry crack! [21 Jan 2007|03:48am]
[ mood | high ]

Mm. Crack./a>

Wow. This is Snarry!crack. And it's very very funny.

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Voltaire. >^_^ [21 Jan 2007|03:16am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Well, if anyone's in Richmond... they probably know this already, because when have I ever known anything everyone else doesn't? But anyway...

Voltaire. Thursday @ Rocks
1814 E Main St
9:00 showtime, 11:00 Voltaire is on


Is anyone else going?

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50bookchallenge [15 Jan 2007|03:01am]
Okay, so I saw this lj community somewhere, and I joined it: 50bookchallenge. The point is to read 50 books in a year. I'll post what I've read and something about it there, and on my lj, as well. Keep in mind, though, that I'm not very good at giving summaries or reviews, so don't expect too much, most likely just some basic impressions and whether or not it was worth the read.

My personal goal this year is not only to read 50 books, but to read ALL of the Jeeves and Wooster stories by PG Wodehouse, with an option on any other books by him as well. Also, to read at least 6 nonfiction books.

Note, I'm going to count every 2 graphic novels as 1 book. I read too much manga not to count it at all, but I don't really think that I can count a graphic novel as a whole book, because of all the pictures. Just because they share a number, doesn't mean they have anything whatsoever to do with each other!

Also, I'm not counting anything under 100 pages, book or not, and no audiobooks.

So, to start me off, here's what I've read (that I remember) so far this year:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8 / 50

1: Jeeves and the Tie that Binds (PG Wodehouse)
There's not really much I can say about the Jeeves stories. They are truly wonderful, and should be required reading by everyone. However, I don't really think that I'm equal to summarizing them.

2: Jeeves in the Morning (PG Wodehouse)

3: Thank You, Jeeves (PG Wodehouse)
I must say that this is my favorite Wodehouse so far. I actually like Pauline Stoker. I don't usually like the girls, they tend to be very Unsuitable, but she's not bad.

4: The Man Who Doesn't Take Off His Clothes Vol. 1 (Narise Konohara, Yuki Shimizu) (yaoi novel)
It's not entirely porn, but I don't know that it would be worth reading if you didn't know that there was going to be a payoff at the end. Unfortunately, the porny bit was one of those dubious consent/probably rape scenarios that are common in yaoi. I'll still read Vol. 2, though, because I'm interested to see if the main character manages to make his man love him after all. Well-written consensual sex would make it all worthwhile.

5 (manga): Punch! Vol. 2 (Rie Takada)
I read this one because I thought the boys were pretty. I actually think it's kind of boring -- I won't be reading any more of this series.
Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 8 (Bisco Hatori)
Crazy, as always, but fun -- totally reading all of this series.

6 (manga): Good Luck Vol. 1 (E-Jin Kang)
The story was moderately interesting, and it's very pretty. It was worth an hour of reading time, but I'm not likely to finish the series if it goes above 3 volumes.
+Anima vol. 3 (Natsumi Mukai)
I like this very much. It's cute, but not too cute, and almost all of the characters are cool (minus the little bat-girl, I think she's really annoying). The idea, of people that are part animal (sort of), called +Anima, who are mostly feared by everyone else, is interesting. Worth the read.

7 + 8: Uglies and Pretties (Scott Westerfield)
There's a third in the series that I've started but not finished yet, so expect to see that later. I really like the theme of being different from others, and wanting to be who you are but also wanting to be part of the group as well, and finding out that what you expected and believed isn't necessarily valid. It's really well-written and interesting, and raises an interesting question: Would you rather be pretty or smart? (And how do you define those terms?) Plus, I very much want a hoverboard...

Anyway, there you go. That's what I've read so far this year.
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